asfalto a freddo


Using 100% of milled asphalt
Why regenerate?
  • To retrieve an aged bituminous pavement and deteriorated
  • To avoid the increase in the thickness of layers to overlap
  • To restart deformed layers
  • To restore in deep
  • To regenerate white roads
  • To reduce the exploitation of new quarries
  • To eliminate the transportation costs to and from the construction site
  • To reduce the operating times of worksites
  • To reduce the number of vehicles in circulation to and from the work site
Why cold recycling?
  • Energy saving
  • To reduce dust and noxious fumes
  • For a better environment
  • To always regenerate


The tendency of the (Rt & CTI) performance is to improve over time. This allows this technology to compete in strength with the hot one.
Indirect traction coefficient of CTI (N / mm2)
Indirect traction Rt (N / mm2)