London Underground

Track renewal replacing ballast with concrete slabs within engineering hours between Baker Street and Finchley Road

BODY: Continous mixing equipment with separate storage for materials
DRIVE: Hydraulic system fully automated through computer control
WAGON: FEA rail wagon 21,4 meters with a nominal payload of 61,5 T
GAUGE: LU tunnel gauge LG2 with a wagon height of 1040 mm

Source of power Battery Locomotive/ Backup generator
Motor 30 KW electric
Mixer Continuous auger mixer
Weight 11 T
Length 17 mt
Discharge Frontal: up to 3,5 mt from train end
Attachment UIC container spigots
Aggregates 17 m3
Cement 5 m3
Water 6.000 lt
Admixture 2 x 42 lt
Rate of production 20 m3/h
Concrete per load 15 m3